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Location: Rogers, AR
Compensation: $16 to $20 per hour (based on experience)
Job Description:
We are currently seeking experienced Carpenters to join our fabrication department in Rogers, AR. As a Carpenter, you will play a crucial role in creating and assembling various displays for our showroom, with a focus on producing custom displays, furniture, and cabinetry. Your skills in carpentry, design, and craftsmanship will be utilized to bring the visions of our clients to life.
Carpentry Expertise: Utilize your carpentry skills to construct high-quality displays, furniture, and cabinetry for the showroom. Previous experience as a Carpenter is required to ensure precision and efficiency in your work.
Measurement and Tool Proficiency: Demonstrate proficiency in reading measuring tapes accurately and using power tools safely and effectively to create precise and well-crafted pieces.
Heavy Lifting: Be physically capable of lifting heavy objects and materials required for the fabrication process.
Design Implementation: Collaborate with our clients to bring their design ideas to life. Translate their concepts into tangible products by carefully following design specifications and creating visually appealing displays.
Customization: Work on various projects, including cabinets and walls for Walmart’s house appliance display, tailoring each item to specific requirements and ensuring they meet high-quality standards.
Showroom Display Production: Contribute to the creation of multiple showroom displays, ensuring that each one showcases our products in the most attractive and eye-catching manner.
Time Management: Adhere to the established work schedule, working from 7am to 4pm, Monday to Friday, to maintain a consistent workflow and meet project deadlines.
Team Collaboration: Work closely with a team of skilled professionals, including designers, fabricators, and other carpenters, to ensure seamless coordination throughout the production process.
Carpenter Experience: Prior experience as a Carpenter is essential for this position.
Design Skills: Ability to interpret design specifications, work from visual references, and implement creative ideas to produce aesthetically pleasing displays.
Physical Fitness: Capable of lifting heavy objects and materials, as well as standing for extended periods during fabrication.
Craftsmanship: A keen eye for detail and a commitment to delivering top-notch craftsmanship in every project.
Safety Awareness: Thorough understanding and adherence to safety protocols while operating power tools and working in the workshop.

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