Leader of Cutting and Forming

  • Fayetteville, AR
  • industrial

Leader of Cutting and Forming

Fayetteville, AR

Pay: $35/hour


Job Overview:

As the Leader of Cutting and Forming in our client’s Fayetteville, AR facility, you will be responsible for taking ownership of the entire area and playing a central role in the hiring process. You will lead and supervise your team, ensuring that all operations within the cutting and forming department run efficiently and at the highest level of performance. Continuous improvement and adherence to ARMI’s principles and values are integral to this role.

Principles & Values:

Work Ethic:

  • Uphold a strong work ethic, embracing hard work and self-discipline for productivity.
  • Act professionally in alignment with ARMI’s Core Values.
  • Prioritize timeliness in all tasks, whether it’s arriving to work on time or meeting project deadlines.


  • Exceed customer expectations, striving for the highest quality while focusing on continuous improvement.
  • Design, develop, and deliver products and solutions of the utmost quality.


  • Make swift decisions, manage time efficiently, and use resources effectively to complete projects on schedule.
  • Aim to exceed timelines consistently, reflecting ARMI’s dynamic pace.
  • Undercommit and overdeliver as a guiding principle.


  • Be coachable, take direction well, and interact positively with leadership and co-workers.
  • Collaborate with the ARMI team to achieve collective goals, even when it may not align with your department’s interests.
  • Promote teamwork and accountability, with a willingness to stay until the job is completed.

Continuous Improvement:

  • Embrace the “ARMI Commitment to excellence” mindset of continuous improvement.
  • Strive to identify and implement at least two improvement items bi-annually and submit them in writing to the General Manager.
  • Seek opportunities to establish new processes, procedures, methods, and more to enhance efficiency and productivity.

Responsibilities and Duties:

Team Leadership Responsibility:

  • Attend supervisor training through the ARMI Training Center and follow company guidelines for formal steps of discipline.
  • Conduct interviews for open positions and communicate with your immediate supervisor regarding hiring decisions.
  • Exercise the authority to terminate new hires at any time during their first 59 days.
  • Identify team members who excel and are part of the elite team after the 59-day period.
  • Manage team members’ performance, adhering to the ARMI handbook.
  • Create performance scorecards for each team member bi-annually to provide accurate feedback and documentation for their employee files.
  • Maintain an organized organizational chart for the department covering all areas of responsibility.
  • Keep clear and accurate job descriptions for each position in the department.
  • Identify mediocre performers and work with the HR department to address the issue.
  • Recognize high achievers and collaborate with HR and the Training Center to retain, develop, and optimize team members’ potential.
  • Work with the Production Scheduler to establish work schedules for each team member’s role to meet all company needs.
  • Cross-train team members for maximum flexibility to accommodate ARMI’s workload fluctuations and maintain teamwork.
  • Develop progression plans for each team member you supervise at the bi-annual mark, with HR oversight.
  • Implement a formal review process for each team member you supervise, with HR oversight.
  • Be physically capable of lifting 50+ lbs consecutively and standing for at least 8 hours per day.

Work Cells and Space Housekeeping:

  • Maintain an immaculately clean work environment.
  • Dispose of trash in the roll-off dumpster twice daily.
  • Sweep the floor entirely on a daily basis.
  • Wipe down equipment weekly.
  • Regularly clean plexiglass with Lemon Pledge.
  • Oil mill finish tooling periodically.
  • Avoid placing items on top of equipment.
  • Implement home positions and shadows for everything within each cell.
  • Keep the consumable cabinet neat, tidy, organized, stocked, and accurately documented.
  • Ensure that forklifts and vacuum lifters are in their designated home positions and connected to chargers.

Equipment Operation:

  • Coach operators to take full ownership of the machines.
  • Provide operator training, including reading technical manuals, on-the-job training, and attending manufacturer training.
  • Test operators to assess their level of performance.
  • Establish a path for operators to become highly proficient.
  • Cross-train team members while maintaining individual accountability.
  • Focus on material optimization, including minimizing material damage and utilizing inventory efficiently.


  • Understand predictive and proactive maintenance principles.
  • Replace equipment before it breaks to eliminate downtime.
  • Extend the useful life of machines and tools through professional maintenance.
  • Attend training classes for technical areas.
  • Write a maintenance schedule for each machine and tool.
  • Ensure all machines are maintained according to manufacturer recommendations.
  • Maintain detailed records of all maintenance activities.
  • Manage inventory of spare parts with defined min/max levels.
  • Schedule outside major preventative maintenance and coordinate technician visits.
  • Attend formal machine training when beneficial to educate and keep routine maintenance in-house.
  • Analyze hydraulic fluids every other month and take action based on analysis results.
  • Maintain and replace hydraulic filters at recommended intervals.
  • Replace coolant for laser chiller and waterjet oil cooler at manufacturers’ intervals and document changes.
  • Replace coolant filters as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Change air filters at manufacturer-recommended intervals.
  • Replace electrical control leads that are routed across the floor annually.
  • Ensure regular cleaning and emptying of Dust Collectors at each laser.
  • Keep laser bed slats clean and replace them as needed.


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