Process Engineer

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Process Engineer
Fayetteville, AR 72701

The Process Engineers basic purpose is to develop, implement and support manufacturing processes, programming and tooling. Responsibilities for the position will include:
▪ Responsible for immediate support and resolution of production process issues
▪ Identify, analyze and/or resolve process and testing issues that are affecting product quality, first pass yield and manufacturing efficiency
▪ Provide support for scheduling and tracking for projects and activities within the Process Engineering group
▪ Works to maintain and improve methods/tooling/programming for production processes
▪ Supports projects that encompass cost justification, selection and installation of capital equipment necessary for maintaining process capabilities and meeting Process Engineering and company production goals
▪ Coordinates specific company projects involving peers
▪ Coordinate and provide support to all documentation, equipment and tooling activities necessary for production of assigned areas
▪ Coordinate with Project Engineer to resolve part discrepancies and requests for deviations necessary for meeting production and materials schedules
▪ Promptly respond in professional manner to all requests from customers (both internal and external)
▪ Provide support to other activities as defined by the Process Engineering Manager.
▪ Follow all ISO procedures within the Process Engineering department
▪ Follow all ESD policies and procedures
▪ Other duties as directed by management/supervision

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