Production Scheduler

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Production Scheduler

Fayetteville, AR

Pay: $20/hour


Job Overview:

As a Production Scheduler in our client’s Fayetteville, AR manufacturing facility, you will play a pivotal role in maintaining an efficient and streamlined production schedule. Working closely with the Senior Production Scheduler and the Production Manager, you will be responsible for maintaining and adjusting the schedule based on priorities, due dates, capacities, expedites, and late deliveries. Your role involves collaborating with multiple teams to ensure the real-time accuracy of the schedule and workflow throughout the manufacturing facility.

Responsibilities and Duties:


  • Create and schedule work orders through the cell structure dedicated to stainless steel equipment fabrication.
  • Set material costs for components on in-house work orders using the Material Cost Calculator.
  • Coordinate with the Production Manager and Senior Production Scheduler regarding timelines for drawing release and completion.
  • Collaborate with Nesting on nesting strategies to optimize sheet metal utilization and production efficiency.
  • Coordinate with Nesting and the Cutting & Forming Supervisor to determine laser-cutting assignments based on workload and efficiency.
  • Assist in routing projects through subsequent cells, ensuring each cell adheres to the assigned timelines.
  • Maintain deadlines while striving to decouple workflow from deadlines.
  • Work closely with the Production Manager and Senior Production Scheduler to develop and execute production plans, resolve issues, and enhance production performance.
  • Adjust the schedule based on due dates, capacity, expedites, and late deliveries.
  • Assist in planning expedited work to meet critical customer needs while satisfying other customers.
  • Check in with each weld cell to understand the products and projected timelines.
  • Adapt to moving targets and plan completion and shipping dates accordingly.
  • Perform any other duties as directed by the Senior Production Scheduler.


  • Understand each phase of the fabrication process and work to reduce bottlenecks while maintaining healthy backlogs per work cell through the utilization of ERP/MRP Software.
  • Update and modify schedules to generate daily production schedules.
  • Verify that all work orders are correctly routed in Counterpart and track the progress of each part in its independent process.
  • Ensure that all work orders are completed in each work cell before a job progresses to the next work cell, and that everything is complete in Counterpart before shipping.
  • Reroute work orders to the correct work cell if a different cell takes on the project.
  • Reorder replenishments to use inventory items efficiently, reducing the critical path of a job.
  • Use inventory items from the Order Request screen in Counterpart before creating new work orders to minimize the critical path of a job.


  • Create jobs in Counterparts based on Design Requests from Sales Engineers and Account Managers.
  • Determine appropriate finish dates for Contracting Jobs to allow time for problem-solving and issue resolution.
  • Maintain constant contact with Account Managers regarding job timelines.
  • Contact Account Managers for job-related clarifications.
  • Reach out to Designers/Engineers in the event of drawing/print issues.
  • Discuss inventory components and weldments with the Production Manager and establish min/max levels.
  • Identify current bottlenecks and collaborate with the Production Manager to find solutions to resolve them.
  • Coordinate with the Warehouse Supervisor for truck pickup schedules.

Time Management:

  • Prioritize timeliness in all aspects of work to ensure efficiency and productivity.
  • Maintain organizational skills and task prioritization for clear project management.
  • Exceed timelines and align with ARMI’s fast-paced work environment.


  • Always be ready to lend a helping hand and take accountability for your work.
  • Exceed customer expectations and provide innovative options.
  • Foster a high-performing team and communicate the vision of ARMI to promote teamwork across all interfaces.


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