Marshalltown Pre-Assignment Orientation for 1st Employment Employees

Please mark the button following each statement to indicate your compliance.


Lifting: One of the leading causes of back injury in the workplace is an improper lifting technique. Many factors can contribute to back injury including poor posture and poor physical condition; however, using proper lifting techniques can help you avoid these very painful injuries. You will be asked to lift up to 50lbs repeatedly throughout the shift.

• Size up the load before trying to lift it. If the load is too heavy, or of an awkward shape, get help from a co-worker or use a mechanical lifting device.
• Bend your knees. Center yourself over the load, get a good hand hold, and lift straight up with your back straight. Allow your legs, not your back, to do the work.
• Carry the load close to your body. Do not stretch your arms and back to reach an object. Keep the load close and centered to your body. The farther away from your body you hold the load, the more pressure is exerted on your lower back.
• Do not twist or turn your body once you have made the lift. Keep the load close to your body and keep it steady. Any sudden twisting or turning could result in injury.
• Make sure you can carry the load where you need to go before attempting to move it. Make sure your path is free of obstacles and there are no hazards such as spills in your path.
• Set the load down properly. Lower your body slowly, letting your legs do most of the work.
• Always push, not pull an object. Pushing puts less strain on the back.

Pay Increases: Pay increases are not guaranteed. Your supervisor will complete an evaluation for you with the on-site manager at the end of the month that the 90 days falls in. For those that qualify, pay increases go into effect on the first Monday of the month after their review date. Qualifying for a pay increase will be based on your adherence to safety rules, attendance, quality of work and performance during the applicable review period.
Pay for production and shipping operations assignments:

• Attendance: Any absences within a 90-day period could disqualify you for a pay increase. Each tardy occurrence will be considered a ½ absence. 2 tardies in the same period will be considered 1 full absence. Any unexcused absence could disqualify you for an increase. At MARSHALLTOWN, all absences are considered unexcused unless human resources specifically tells you otherwise.
• Quality Work: You must have no major quality issues/mistakes during applicable review period to qualify for an increase.
• Performance Rate: You must be performing at or above the cell average efficiency rate during applicable review period to qualify for an increase.


Schedule: Assigned shifts will likely be one of the following:
1st Shift Monday-Friday 7am-3pm
2nd Shift Monday-Friday 3pm-11pm
3rd Shift Sunday-Thursday 11pm-7am

*Overtime before or after your scheduled shift may be required at times. Saturday work may also be required.

I acknowledge that the conditions listed above are absolute and non-negotiable and that any employee in violation of these practices is subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.”