Introducing 1st Rewards

1st Rewards is a new perk offered to current employees of 1st Employment. Using the 1st Employment app, a current employee that is on assignment can sign in and have access to local discounts and offers. Its just one more way that 1st Employment Puts You 1st!

Work More! Earn More!

The more you work with 1st Employment in a given year the more offers and deals you will unlock.

1st Rewards Bronze

40-80 Hours Worked in a Year

1st Rewards Silver

80-360 Hours Worked in a Year

1st Rewards Gold

360-520+ Hours Worked in a Year

All Employees that are currently on assignment will already have a 1st Rewards login.

First Time Logging Into 1st Rewards? It’s Simple!

In the 1st Employment app you will sign in using the email that you used when filling out your application and the password, 1stClassEmployee

You will then be prompted to update your password.

Want to get in on the action?

Becoming a 1st Rewards Partner is simple!