Staffing Success

1st Employment simplifies recruitment, hiring, and payroll, saving you time and money. We provide pre-qualified candidates, offering flexible and cost-effective staffing solutions. We are your local and smart choice for staffing needs. Request an Employee now and put 1st Employment to work for you!

Flexible Solutions

At 1st Employment, we find jobs for people and people for jobs. And we do it with honesty and integrity. Our reputation is second to none, and we earn it every single day. Here’s how:

We are dedicated to providing you with ethical and honest employment solutions to meet your needs.

A perfect fit is hard to find; however, our proven process has met the needs of employers throughout NWA for over 10 years.

Our background checks are administered through cutting edge technology for most accurate results.

We find the best employees for the pay rate you offer for every individual job.

We believe maintaining a clear and constant line of communication is key to providing the best employment fit.

We’re happy to find a replacement if and when a placement doesn’t work out.

We also do much more than provide jobs and staff. 1st Employment goes the extra mile to make sure your experience runs smoothly and seamlessly. Here are just a few examples:

Short & Long Term Assignments

Our process is suited to staff for any length of time – project, seasonal, temporary leave, vacation or any other need you may have.

Temp-to-Hire Program

Employers have the opportunity to evaluate the candidate for a period of time before making hiring decisions – keeping unemployment and turnover expenses at a minimum.

Direct Hire Recruiting & Placement

When you have an open position in your company, we will locate and recruit just the right talent for your needs at a minimal finding fee.

On-Site Partnership Program

We provide a full-time On-Site Supervisor to support and maintain the productive working partnership between clients, associates and the 1st Employment Staff.

Performance Measures

1st Class Solution Results are measured in several factors:

  • Avionte Software Customer Reporting
    1st Employment generates hundreds of reports daily to ensure you that you’re receiving the 1 Class Employment Solutions you expect.
  • Performance Tracking
    We use a range of performance-tracking tools, including:

    • Quality Calls
    • Employee Exit Interviews
    • Turnover & Attendance Tracking
    • On Site Attendance Checks
    • Employee Surveys
    • Customer Surveys
    • Local Problem-Solving
    • Client Specific Orientations
    • Client Specific On-boarding checklist
  • Process Tracking
    1st Employment performs a thorough review of all processes monthly to ensure that each member of the 1st Employment team is up to date on the day to day functions of our various staffing programs.
  • Quality Customer Reviews
    1st Employment management will meet with various customers on a monthly basis to help ensure that each individual within our organization is giving each customer the thorough service they have come to expect. Our goal is to provide each customer no matter the size with 1st Class Service.