Conagra Employee Awareness Form

Conagra Employee Awareness Form
Process Safety Management Program (For All Employees not associated with Ammonia
Refrigeration System)

In May 1992, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulation entitled
Process Safety Management of Highly Hazardous Chemicals was enacted. The intent of the
regulation is to prevent or minimize the consequences of catastrophic releases of toxic, reactive,
flammable or explosive chemicals. Ammonia systems containing in excess of 10,000 pounds are
considered highly hazardous and are subject to the OSHA regulation.

Employee Participation. This encourages and requires participation of hourly employees in the
development and implementation of the Process Safety Management program. Access to all
program information is available to employees.

Process Safety Information. Collection of process information for analysis and safe operation.

Process Hazard Analysis. Knowledgeable employees and management analyzing the processes
for safe operation.

Operating Procedures. Written procedures on how to operate the process safely.

Training. Training for operating personnel to safely operate the process.

Contractors. Assuring contractors working in the plant perform their duties in a safe manner
and are properly informed of the hazards of the processes they work with or around.

Pre-Startup Review. Ensuring that before new or modified processes are started that operators
are trained and the process is safe to operate.

Mechanical Integrity. Ensuring that process equipment is properly maintained.

Hot Work Permit. Controlling work that may cause a fire through prevention procedures.

Management of Change. Establishing a system to keep all records up to date and employees
informed of changes to the process.

Incident Investigation. Investigating any releases of ammonia that did or may have caused
injury to individuals in the plant. This would be used to prevent future occurrences.

Emergency Planning and Response. Detailing emergency action plans for the entire plant in
case of a release of ammonia.

Compliance Audits. Conagra conducts periodic audits to assure the Process Safety
Management Program is kept current.