Conagra Select List Temporary Employee

Conagra Select List

Definition of a Select List temporary employee: Temporary employees that are requested back on a regular basis.

Becoming a Select List Temporary Employee/Maintaining status as a Select List Temporary:

Ability to meet the following expectations:

-Work when scheduled, arriving on time.

-Perform the required functions of the job, meeting Conagra Brands expectations

-Ability to perform all jobs, in all areas/lines.

-Abide by all policies and procedures outlined in the Orientation, GMP training, as well as any additional training received while working at Conagra Brands.

-Exhibit positive attitude – work well with others.

-Self motivated

-Remain in good standing with 1st Employment, your current Employer.


You will be notified if you are a Select List temporary. Human Resources at Conagra Brands will designate who is on the Select List based on feedback from Supervisors and 1st Employment.


You will be notified if you are no longer a Select List temporary (Temporaries that do not meet the above expectations will be removed from the Select List. This does not mean you cannot work at Conagra Brands as a temporary. This only means that you will not be guaranteed a spot when there are openings. An employee that is removed from the Select List CAN redeem their spot at a later date.


*Becoming a Full time Conagra Brands employee- When Conagra Brands has a job opening that an internal employee can not fill, this spot can be filled by a Select List employee. Conagra will make it known to 1st Employment that there is a current permanent position open with Conagra Brands.  Employees that have been performing work for Conagra as a temporary employee will be given first consideration depending on the job requirements and length of time working as a temporary employee. 

You will be responsible for keeping 1st Employment updated on any changes to your contact number.

Please understand if we cannot reach you, we cannot schedule you.

Good, better, best. The best employees will be added to the Select list.


I have read the above information and understand the expectations of a Select List temporary employee at Conagra Brands: