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Electrical Safety

You have responsibilities under the electrical safety standards.  As an “unqualified” individual under the regulation, (29 CFR 1910.332) your responsibilities are limited to plugging in and unplugging equipment and turning machinery or equipment switches only, on and off.  If any further electrical work is required, please contact Facilities Maintenance. This fact sheet outlines some of the safe practices that should be observed in your work area.




Electrical Safety Checklist


  1. Follow manufacturer's instructions for using electrical equipment.
  2. Inspect electrical tools before each use. If defects are found, immediately contact facilities maintenance, who will tag and or remove the faulty equipment.
  3. Match plugs to outlets and make sure plugs are in good condition.
  4. Keep the work area clean and free of potential sources of ignition;
  5. Follow good housekeeping practices.
  6. Report any electrical problem promptly to facilities maintenance personnel
  7. Protect electrical cords and cables from damage, do not run cords thru walls or ceilings or across walkways.



  1. Overload motors, circuits, or outlets.
  2. Use temporary wiring or extension cords in place of permanent outlets.
  3. Rest cabinets, furniture or office equipment on electrical cords.
  4. Insert anything inappropriate in an electrical outlet.
  5. Alter an electrical plug.
  6. Place cords or electrical equipment near heat or water.
  7. Touch any electrical equipment while wet or while standing in water.
  8. Run cords along the floor (if no alternative, tape down cord).
  9. Twist or tangle electrical cords.
  10. Use damaged or deteriorated equipment.
  11. Try to perform unauthorized repairs.
  12. Block access to electrical equipment.(electrical panels must have a minimum of 36” clearance)
  13. Use metal ladders near electrical equipment.
  14. Only authorized employees should access breaker panels.
  15. Do not bypass switches that have LockOut/Tagout devices on them.


Try to imagine what life would be like without electricity

—then what can happen if you don't respect electricity and its hazards.


With my signature I agree that I have read and understand all elements of this document and agree to comply.

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