DaySpring Orientation Form

Dayspring Orientation

DaySpring is a company founded with a common vision, to make Christ known through the printed message.  Their products are sold in Christian retail stores, mass market and internet retailers, card and gift stores, and other outlets in the U.S. and 60 countries worldwide.


Mission: To know God, to demonstrate His Kingdom, and to help people throughout the world know and share His love by providing Christians with tools of communication that express God's heart in fresh, new ways.



  • Honor and respect others
  • Servant-Hearted in attitude and actions
  • Be good stewards of talents, resources and responsibilities
  • Pursue excellence through continues improvement and innovation
  • Honesty and integrity in all our actions and relationships


Our Department, Order Fulfillment, is dedicated to fulfilling our Mission, Vision, and living out our Values daily.  We are committed to Right Fulfillment; the right product to the right customer at the right time and the right cost.  


Shifts vary by department and there are 2 paid 15 min break and 1 mandatory 30 min lunch break,

and occasionally OT is required moving to 10 hour days and possibly a Saturday. Department Shifts:


  • Shift start/stop times are as follows:
    • Start times range between 6:00am and 8:00am.
    • Stop times range between 2:30pm and 4:30pm
    • Work schedules will be communicated by 1st Employment prior to the first day of assignment.


Additional Details:

  • Most positions are seasonal but since 2010 DaySpring is converting an average of 3-5 temporary employees per year.
  • DaySpring provides a friendly work environment, focused on their mission and values as company.
  • DaySpring is a climate controlled environment.
  • Please be prepared as you may be working in multiple departments in one day
  • Employees will be given a locker to keep their personal items in upon their first day




The following conditions are absolute and non-negotiable.  Please initial after each statement to indicate your compliance.  Any employee in violation of these practices is subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

Use proper lifting techniques.

I           Size up load before trying to lift

II          Bend you knees.  Allow your legs, not your back, to do the work

III         Carry the load close to your body

IV        Do not twist or turn your body once you have made the lift

V         Make sure you can carry the load where you need to go before attempting to move it. Make sure your path is free of obstacles and there are no hazards such as spills in your path

VI        Set the load down properly. Lower your body slowly, letting your legs do most of the work.

VII      Always push, not pull an object. Pushing puts less strain on the back.

Please call the following numbers in the event you are absent or tardy:

1st Employment office phone 479-238-8989

Please contact your supervisor at one of the numbers listed below:



  • Steve Hopper / /Team Leader: 479-549-6233
  • Sherry Robison/ Team Leader: 479-549-6239
  • Distribution Start Station: 479-549-6487 use if Team Leader is not accessible by phone or email.
  • Richard Dozier / Team Leader: 479-549-6434  
  • Amanda Lanham / Team Leader: 479-549-6544
  • Special Accounts: 479-549-6109 - Use if Team Leader is not accessible
  • Dawn Rutherford / Team Leader: 479-549-6150
  • Mary & Martha Home Base: 479-549-6114 – use if Team Leader is not accessible by phone or email.
  • Sharla Hicks 479-549-6313
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