Call Center Representative

  • Lowell, AR
  • professional
Call Center Representative
Location: Lowell, AR
Working Hours: Monday-Friday, 1:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Hourly Rate: $12 per hour
Job Description:
As a Call Center Representative, you will play a vital role in assisting customers with the delivery of their recently purchased appliances. Your primary responsibility will be to ensure a smooth and satisfactory delivery process by coordinating effectively with the customer, the delivery driver, and the retail store responsible for providing the appliance. This position requires excellent communication skills, strong organizational abilities, and the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. Proficiency with computer systems and software is essential, and you must maintain good attendance records to be successful in this role.
Engage with customers over the phone to facilitate the delivery process of their appliances.
Coordinate delivery schedules and logistics with customers, delivery drivers, and retail stores.
Provide exceptional customer service by addressing inquiries, concerns, and complaints professionally and efficiently.
Ensure accurate and up-to-date documentation of customer interactions and delivery details.
Collaborate with internal teams to resolve any delivery-related issues and provide timely solutions to customers.
Utilize computer systems and software to access relevant information, update records, and process delivery requests.
Maintain a high level of product knowledge to assist customers with questions and provide accurate information.
Demonstrate strong organizational skills to effectively manage and prioritize multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment.
Adhere to company policies and procedures, including attendance and punctuality requirements.
High school diploma or equivalent.
Previous experience in a customer service or call center role is preferred.
Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
Strong organizational abilities and attention to detail.
Proficiency in computer usage and navigating software applications.
Ability to handle customer inquiries and resolve issues in a professional and courteous manner.
Good attendance record and reliability.
Ability to adapt to changing priorities and work well in a fast-paced environment.
Positive attitude and willingness to work as part of a team.

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