Mid-America Cabinets Orientation

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Mid-America Cabinets Orientation

“Mid-America Cabinets is dedicated to providing the multi-family industry with cabinet and countertop solutions – On Time, On Budget”


The following conditions are absolute and non-negotiable.  Please initial after each statement to indicate your compliance.  Any employee in violation of these practices is subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

  1. Lifting: An employee may be required to lift 25 – 50 lbs. during shift.

 Use proper lifting techniques.

  1. Size up load before trying to lift

II      Bend your knees.  Allow your legs, not your back, to do the work.

III     Carry the load close to your body.

IV     Do not twist or turn your body once you have made the lift

V      Make sure you can carry the load where you need to go before attempting to move it. Make sure your path is free of obstacles and there are no hazards such as spills in your path.

VI     Set the load down properly. Lower your body slowly, letting your legs do most of the work.

VII      Always push, not pull an object. Pushing puts less strain on the back.

This job has been classified by our client as Safety Sensitive according to state law guidelines and drug testing and fit-for-duty evaluation may be required as a condition of employment.



Reminder to All Workers and Visitors at Mid America:

all plant and office EMPLOYEES (both temporary and full-time) and all VISITORS are to observe the following dress code requirements:

  • Only closed shoes (such as sneakers, loafers, or work boots) are acceptable. No open-toed or open-heeled shoes/sandals will be worn at any time while in the plant environment.
  • All those with long hair must pull the hair back while working on or being around any moving line.
  • Shirts must be modest, cover the midriff, have sleeves or shoulder straps at least 3” wide, and contain no inappropriate messages which may be offensive to co-workers.
  • Clothing or jewelry that is too loose could be a safety hazard on the lines. Pants hanging low and/or undergarments showing are not acceptable. Likewise, extremely tight-fitting, low-cut, brief, or shoulder-baring attire may cause safety hazards and be a distraction to other employees. These are not appropriate for any employee throughout the company, or for visitors on the premises.

These requirements are set in the interest of employee and visitor safety, and for a work environment that is conducive to maximum morale and productivity. Please see Management if you have any questions.

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