Rate Sheet

Rate Sheet

Dear ____,


Thank you for meeting with the 1st Employment team.  We appreciate the opportunity to provide a fee schedule of services in regards to short-term, project, screen to hire, long-term temporary associates and direct hire placement for your organization.


1st Employment provides short-term, project and long-term staff to organizations.  Our organization employs these individuals and covers the employee/employer payroll, including the employer portion of payroll taxes as required by law (FICA, FUTA, SUTA and Workers Compensation insurance).  We will pay the individuals on a weekly basis for the work performed.  At 1st Employment, we screen and select associates based on their skills and match them to the appropriate jobs we receive.  During our selection process we verify the eligibility of the employee to work within the United States through E-Verify. All associates working on assignments through our organization have been referenced.


When your team has a need for a short-term, project or long-term staff, our company will provide these recruiting services and associates to you, at the following fees:

In regards to overtime, if an employee exceeds a 40-hour work week while working with your organization, we will pay the individual an overtime rate at 1.5 times their normal hourly pay rate.  Overtime Bill Rate simply incorporates the cost associated with compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).  Overtime bill rates are reflective of the overtime pay rate.


   1st Employment will also provide the following services to ___________:

  • On-going recruiting programs
  • Customized hiring and selection process
  • Customer-specific safety orientation
  • Vacation & holiday pay
  • Direct deposit
  • Continuous improvement programs


If we may be of service to you, please call us at (479) 409-2809 and ask for Stefan Daily. You may return this signed document to sdaily@1stemployment.com.

Client Representative Name
Client Representative Name